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We have read sections 1 and 2 in Chapter 27. Section 1 discussed the characteristics of stars. Section 2 discussed the life cycle of stars (stellar evolution). To further your understanding of stars, work through this WebQuest. The WebQuest will provide pictures, practice and application to help in the comprehension of this chapter.


Visit each of the websites provided and complete the student worksheet provided. You may look around to other parts of the websites if time allows.

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Black Holes

Characteristics of Stars Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram Life Cycle of a Star

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Benchmark 6-8: B. Explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter, most of which is at incomprehensible distances and held together by gravitational force. Describe how the universe is studied by the use of equipment such as telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft.
8.7 Examine the life cycle of a star and predict the next likely stage of a star.