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This page is for students enrolled in Louisville Middle School's 2016-17 eight grade Math and U.S. History classes - Navy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my email address below.   I am also available for conferences by appointment.

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Check to the left for Weekly Calendar link.  The Resource Page are some web sites for your reference, and the Classroom Page is where you can find your Readings, WorkSheets,and Class Notes.

Welcome to U.S. History, starting with colonization of North America through Reconstruction.  During the next year it is our goal to understand how a small group of privileged men could create the foundation of the freest nation on earth.  As part of this foundation our Founders created a system of government limited by laws.  We will study closely how our system of government works; it is called Federalism, and is uniquely American.  However, one law, the right of one man to own another, will plunge this nation into civil war.  We will look closely at the events that tore at our nation during this period and how this struggle forged us into the greatest nation on earth!  Finally, we will work to connect our knowledge of the past with events of today with the goal of being critical thinkers.

 The year will be broken into four units; each unit will have two summative tests. 

                                    1.       Colonization through Declaration of Independence  

                                        2.       Revolutionary War through the Articles of Confederation

                                    3.       U.S. Constitution and Government

4.       Expansion through Reconstruction

 I try to keep my grading policies simple.  First, I do not offer extra credit work.  That means you have to do the work I give you, and it is my expectation you will.  To help you meet this goal, I will post assignments, copies of homework sheets, and reading pages on this web page.  Most every reading assignment will have a study sheet or reading guide you will have to complete.  These sheets and guides will be graded at the beginning of class; incomplete work must be finished as we review the assignment and presented at the end of class for a reduced grade.  All other homework will be completed as assign; late work will face a point reduction penalty.  Your grade will be based on the total points you earn. 

 Throughout a unit I will offer opportunities to earn bonus points on the next test, so come prepared each day.  Finally, you will be required to keep a history folder that I will take for a grade.  Make sure to keep all the work for each unit organized. 

 I look forward to a great year with you and I hope you develop a better appreciation for the Great Nation we live in J.


Speaking of American history, the incredible images taken from NASA's New Horizon's spacecraft have shown for the first time that Pluto is red like Mars.  Now that is Cool math.

First, a reminder to all students to review the class guidance sheet to better familiarize yourself to what is expected from you in class.

Below is the syllabus for math; Homework will be posted on the calendar.

Review Integers & Fractions

Real Numbers  & Exponents and Scientific Notation

Proportional and Non-proportional Relationships

Linear Equations


Solving Linear and Systems of Linear Equations

Transformations, Congruence & Similarity

Angles/Lines /Triangles & Pythagorean Theorem


New this year will be Math Lab, and as you know, this is a separate class from your math class and you will receive a separate grade for your work.  Math Lab will be based on activities that are designed to strength understandings from math class.  While short and quick quizzes can be expected, comprehensive testing will NOT be used this class.  Their first lab will explore patterns in math by taking a look at Fibonacci Sequence, and some interesting facts about it.

Again this year LCSD is using the GoMath textbook.  Some of the features this included are combination text/workbooks that each student will keep a must have so does not loose!, and a web based program to support the text.  By using the text on the web pages, students will be able to link to specific video instruction and exercises to help support understanding of that concept.  It also includes a interactive version that students will be exploring during Math Lab. 

I am here to help make this your moment of success, I will except no less goal.

If you wish to see the content standards for 8th grade social studies, click on the link to the Ohio Department of Education's web page.      ODE

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